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A World In Chaos To A Community At Peace:Solutions

Posted by blu-struck on Thu 8 Jul 2010 at 15:30
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Public talk on Monday 12th July 2010, all welcome, at:

An informative and passionate talk by the amazing Abdun Nur

Many people are exposing the corporations, secret societies and governments that control and exploit all people, a system turning them into at best economic slaves, but often into physical slaves or starving outcasts; a parasitical pyramid of subjugation and restriction. Yet, these systems are perpetuated and empowered through each individual, and can be removed without war, violence or hardship, independently through that individual. If you would like to consider alternative models, models that functioned for thousands of years without manipulation, inflation, legislation or exploitations of any sort, listen to a presentation of these simple models and how they can be re-established and applied to your life, your community and your environment.

Check out his website at
Where he has also written the four basic model in detail of a free community, if you have a little time you may like to read them, they are listed under the advert for this presentation on the main page of his web site.

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