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25 September 2019

This site now has over 300 registered users.

23 October 2012

We're back online! A server move at the end of last year left us with some weird technical issues, and life left us too busy to fix them, but we finally found the time and here we are - looking forward to publishing your civil liberties news and opinion pieces once more!

07 June 2011

This site now has over 200 registered users.

12 November 2010

We're seeing a build up in spam, both in comments and even in blogs from registered users. We delete it as soon as we see it, but if you notice any we haven't deleted then please do let us know by emailing

07 August 2010

This site now has over 100 registered users.

06 March 2010

Just changed our RSS feeds so that URLs are embedded instead of plain text; please let us know if you notice any problems.

16 February 2010

We put some fixes in place for font styling bugs yesterday... hopefully Windows users should be seeing clearer (less bold) fonts now. Let us know if you're seeing any problems.

05 November 2009

New site design has just gone live. As is our tradition, this has happened at 3am, and so we look forward to receiving your bug reports in the morning :)

29 April 2009

Launching (ready or not): The site is mostly working now. We're launching regardless of the remaining bugs, to have something up in time for the MPA meeting on Thursday and the ORG talk on Friday. Please send us your feedback, and bear with us as we iron out any remaining problems. -- denny

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